Bricks For Africa But Where’s The Mortar?

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You need more than a ton of bricks to build a double storied house. Who knows how much concrete gets poured into the making of those unbelievably high skyscrapers these days. Yes, they are still building them, but let’s leave them for now. Let’s talk about bricks. Lots of them. Tons of them. It’s going to be pretty useless to any building contractor who visits his brick suppliers maple heights oh quarry if he hasn’t got his mortar together.

Why bricks for Africa? Well, it’s just a saying for when you have so much in abundance. And it’s an ironic reference too when you think about it, given that Africa remains the least developed continent in the world. And there is a whole lot of building that needs to be done still. Bricks for Africa, as they say. Fortunately, there is plenty much where that came from. And if the bricks cannot be shipped over – they don’t need to be, actually – local entrepreneurs can get cracking and make their own bricks.

You could do that too. But oftentimes, you do not have the resources, nor do you have the time. It makes more business sense to hand the work over to the brick and stone masons. And if they are to be worth their pound in sand –required for the mixing of cement – they’ll need to have all those other materials on tap – water required for the mixing of cement. Dollars in sand. That’s your currency, right?  

Anyway, you can visit the quarry’s online bricks and stone galleries so long and see what fabrications and textures they’ve already got ready to go. But don’t forget that you’re still going to have a look-see what building materials they’ll be bringing with. And didn’t they say that? Yes, they could do the building too.